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game of thrones season 7

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5 predictions about Game of Thrones season 7

After the success of Game of Thrones Season 6, HBO is going to blast in April 2017 with its 7th installment that must insist the fans to watch Game of thrones season 7 Online. This season 7 is also based on the George’s Novel A song and Fire series named as The Winds Of Winter and second one is A dream of Spring.

The finale of Season 6 has dropped some hints about the upcoming season 7. On the basis of those hints key predictions are House of Stark reunion albeit with Sansa going rogue, Cersei’s death at the hands of Jamie, Jon Snow’s discovery of his Targaryen heritage and devastating invasion by white walkers after the overrunning wall.

Hence game of thrones season 7 stream online has put every fan virtually in the state of suspense after the unfolding of hints dropper in last season. This fantasy and devastating game of either to win or to die is approaching to its finish line that would enable the directors to stay on stage even after the show would over.

Here are some predictions that would compel you to download game of thrones season 7

  • The starks are predicted to reunite in this 7th installment at some upcoming episodes of Season 7. The members of House of Strark will be get together again including Jon Snow and Sansa and even bran will reach the Wall and Arya will plot her way for Westeros.
  • Although Sansa will join with Jon Snow but there is prediction to get clash between two as it has been claimed that House of Strak will not unite as happy family as sansa will go rouge after being sidelined for the retaking campaign of North from the Boltons. Jon snow can be proclaimed king in the installment.
  • Even the Taragaryen heritage will be discovered by proclaimed king Jon snow with his Charismatic leadership which is shared trait with Aunt Daenerys and even it has been predicted that in next season there will be likelihood of alliance between Jon Snow and the Dragon Queen
  • There is also great prediction that Jamie will kill Cersei and lannister siblings will end up killing each other except Tyrion. After the death of Margaery, Tommen is predicted to commit suicide and then Jamie will end short lived reign of Cersei
  • Even it can be seen that white walkers will overturn the Wall. White walkers that are threaten to destroy the entire humanity are predicted to come with the coming of winter signals while completing house of the seven kingdoms that are busy in inevitable war. White walkers are figured out a way to magical barrier of the Wall. It has been predicted that collapse of the wall will be the end of this successful series.

Games of throne season 7 is going to be adventures and thrilled game of either win or to die so it will be great to watch who will win or who will die with the various character plots of this fantasy