Black Lightning Season 1 Episode1

Black Lightning Season 1 (2018) Full Cast & Crew

Episode 1

Release Date: January 16, 2018

Year    : 2018
Distributor    :

Warner Bros. Television Distribution

Fictional universe    :

DC Universe

Genre    : ActionSci-Fi
Running Time    : 52 min
Director    : Salim AkilMara Brock Akil
Creators    : Tony Isabella, Trevor Von Eeden
IMDb / 9.2:

Titled “Pilot”, this comes as the first episode for the Black Lightning first season. Directed by Salim Akil, and written by Mara Brock Akil with Salim Akil, Pilot sets the basis for the Black Lightning TV series that will drop early next year. The “Pilot” kicks off with the retired superhero, who is now a principal at a local high school doing what he believes is the best. Jefferson Pierce was once a superhero, but it is now nine years, ever since he laid off those shoes after bearing the unthinkable events that befell his family as he was practicing as a Black Lightning.

Cress Williams “Black Lightning” quit all that for the sake of his family, but now, a new threat has arrived in his community and he can’t stand and watch as it perils his community. He then decides to put on the former shoes, utilize his talent of using and controlling electricity to save his community from a gang known as “The One Hundred”. There we come to follow various characters like Christine Adamas, who is Jefferson Pierce’s ex-wife, China Anne McClain, who is Jefferson’s younger daughter, Nefessa Williams, who is Jefferson’s older daughter who is both a medical student and a part-timer at Jefferson Pierce’s school.

As the evil wages war stirred by Tobias Whale “Marvin “Krondon” Jones III”, a former politician who is now in exile for killing Jefferson’s father and a leader of “The One Hundred” gang, it is left to witness as a single man can rise up against this scumbag to make his community a better place. There is also a long time friend, who is also a detective whom we think will become a suitable ally with Jefferson Pierce to bring down “The One Hundred” gang.

The Black Lighting comes as the first CW TV series to star an African American as the leading character. Cress Williams, who comes as the Black Lightning/Jefferson Pierce is believed to have the capability of making the series a success. With the first trailer taking over the internet, the series is seen as a fine match for the former series such as “The Flash”, “Supergirl”, and “Arrow”. The series premieres in January 2018 with over ten episodes for the first season.


Cress Williams (2017) - Black Lightning
Cress Williams
Chantal Thuy-Black lightning season 1
Chantal Thuy
Nafessa Williams-Black lightning season 1
Nafessa Williams
David Dunston-Black lightning season 1
David Dunston
China Anne McClain-Black lightning season 1
China Anne McClain
Damon Gupton-Black lightning season 1
Damon Gupton
Shein Mompremier
Brian Kayode-Patrick Johnson-Black lightning season 1
Brian Kayode-Patrick Johnson

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