Black Lightning Season 1 Episode 13

Black Lightning Season 1 (2018) Full Cast & Crew

Episode 13

Release Date: 10 April 2018

Air Date    : 10 April 2018
Distributor    :

Warner Bros. Television Distribution

Fictional universe    :

DC Universe

Genre    : ActionSci-Fi
Running Time    : 43 min
Director    : Salim AkilMara Brock Akil
Creators    : Tony Isabella, Trevor Von Eeden
IMDb / 9.2:

Black Lighting is going to involve the smuggling operation in the metropolitan area. This episode will help the old man to find her inner strength. Jeff’s daughter Anissa has blessed with the extraordinary abilities. She had shown her abilities in her college. Her father was very much upset with his actions. She is the girl who has the courage to face all the difficulties that have been arisen with her power. This would be the ending episode of the series. This is going to be the more suspenseful and thriller. All the matters will be sorted out properly. In the end, Jeff will kill the leader of the Gang 100.
He had put the costume in order save his family and the community from the renowned leader of gang 100. He fought very bravely in the whole of the series. There was a great deal of usage of armed resources and weapons. These devices are helpful to save them from the different criminals, But the Jeff had handled the entire situation every time. He is capable enough to protect his or her family from any kind of the danger. The whole of the series involves the multiple superhero stunts and plays. These things make this series more watchable by the kids. This episode will definitely get the 100% TRP and the commercial success of this episode will definitely be more than the previous episodes. You just sit and enjoy the whole of the series.
Jeff has become the messenger of all. This is going to be the great episode. You will definitely enjoy the ending episode. This will involve a great level of happiness and pleasure. Because the end of all the TV series is always happy.


Cress Williams (2017) - Black Lightning
Cress Williams
Chantal Thuy-Black lightning season 1
Chantal Thuy
Nafessa Williams-Black lightning season 1
Nafessa Williams
David Dunston-Black lightning season 1
David Dunston
China Anne McClain-Black lightning season 1
China Anne McClain
Damon Gupton-Black lightning season 1
Damon Gupton
Shein Mompremier
Brian Kayode-Patrick Johnson-Black lightning season 1
Brian Kayode-Patrick Johnson

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