Black Lightning Season 1 Episode 4

Black Lightning Season 1 (2018) Full Cast & Crew

Episode 4

Release Date: 6 February 2018

Year    : 6 February 2018
Distributor    :

Warner Bros. Television Distribution

Fictional universe    :

DC Universe

Genre    : ActionSci-Fi
Running Time    : 43 min
Director    : Salim AkilMara Brock Akil
Creators    : Tony Isabella, Trevor Von Eeden
IMDb / 9.2:

The CW’s DC shows are going to land on the different debuting its series. The small screen has already scheduled its series and episodes. This episode is just like the Arrow and flash episodes. This episode is somewhat problematic in the starting. This episode will definitely be the hit after hit on the small screen. This episode will definitely achieve the similar level of the critical and the commercial success. This will be the super duper entertainment for those who want to spend a small amount of the time in superhero fictions. Blacking lighting hero is devoting his life as one of the best educators.When the crime has reached the boiling point, then it would be difficult for him to fix it.
He will show his civic duty in this episode. This episode also includes the concept of the fighting for the little guy. This is the complete competitive of the Arrow and Marvel’s Luke Cage. This is very difficult to ignore. The race will be the major component in this episode. The casting is most predominately black. This show appears to heavily focus on the minority communities of America. This episode involves the number of the creative decisions. This episode will definitely gain the commercial success. This episode has been insulated with the different properties. The audience will definitely enjoy the different concept that they never seen earlier. This episode will definitely limit the DC Goodies that can be seen in the superhero scenes. This episode will definitely have the distinguish scenes, stunts, and thriller that the audience has never seen before.
This episode is based on the concept that Multiversity can make anything happen at any time. This episode involves the gunning tone. This will somewhat similar to the earlier days of the Arrow-verse. This episode involves the dark and the emotional core. This episode involves the street level crime and the urban decay. This episode involves the pleasant change in the live action comic book genre. These episodes will definitely go to achieve the commercial success. This episode will be the biggest and best episode of the series.


Cress Williams (2017) - Black Lightning
Cress Williams
Chantal Thuy-Black lightning season 1
Chantal Thuy
Nafessa Williams-Black lightning season 1
Nafessa Williams
David Dunston-Black lightning season 1
David Dunston
China Anne McClain-Black lightning season 1
China Anne McClain
Damon Gupton-Black lightning season 1
Damon Gupton
Shein Mompremier
Brian Kayode-Patrick Johnson-Black lightning season 1
Brian Kayode-Patrick Johnson

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