Black Lightning Season 1 Episode 5

Black Lightning Season 1 (2018) Full Cast & Crew

Episode 5

Release Date: 13 February 2018

Year    : 13 February 2018
Distributor    :

Warner Bros. Television Distribution

Fictional universe    :

DC Universe

Genre    : ActionSci-Fi
Running Time    : 43 min
Director    : Salim AkilMara Brock Akil
Creators    : Tony Isabella, Trevor Von Eeden
IMDb / 9.2:

Black Lightning : Season 1 Episode 5 Full episode is the best episode of the series. This series involves the heavy lifting stunts. This episode is just like the Arrow-verse episodes. This involves the creative team that did the so much creative work in this episode. This episode will tap the talents of the two famous characters named Salim Akil and Mara Brock Akil. Both of them will fascinate you in terms of the super hero’s stunts. Both of them do not have any experience in the super heroes’ characters. But this episode will help them to innovate and try new things in the CW’s DC superhero world. There have already done the four successful seasons with the electronic belt. Now they have the opportunity to get the chances with the different DC proprieties. Berlanti is going to involve in this episode. But the fresh blood is entering the arena as well.
Jefferson Pierce is going to the much interesting character of the bunch. In this episode, he will work as the true hero. Pierce is the tech genius and also the high school principal. He will give up his life because of caring for his family. In this episode, the crime will enter the personal toll on his family. He will dust off his gear. He will return to the streets of Black lighting. The will wear the offensive electric belts.
This episode will definitely involve the number of the fan favorite DC properties. This will involve the DC heavy hitters just like the Batman or the Green Lantern. This has been long leased for the small screen.
In this episode, you will see the most exciting Tobias Whale as the centre of attraction and win the heart of the many. This has been the longtime friend of the Jefferson Pierce and their appearance will help them to solve the conflict with the 100 gang. This will help them to show the episode in the more heightened reality. The whale is actually the enormous, heavy set black man with the penchant of the fancy suits and harpoons. He will be endlessly cool and weird. The whale will make this episode trifle with lightly.


Cress Williams (2017) - Black Lightning
Cress Williams
Chantal Thuy-Black lightning season 1
Chantal Thuy
Nafessa Williams-Black lightning season 1
Nafessa Williams
David Dunston-Black lightning season 1
David Dunston
China Anne McClain-Black lightning season 1
China Anne McClain
Damon Gupton-Black lightning season 1
Damon Gupton
Shein Mompremier
Brian Kayode-Patrick Johnson-Black lightning season 1
Brian Kayode-Patrick Johnson

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